Thursday, May 31, 2007

Homosexuals next door?

CRRC has made it possible to download datasets from the Data Initiative Survey 2004-2006 in Caucasus in SPSS format. I just made a quick unscientific crosstabulation. I wanted to check tolerance for homosexuality, and how it varies across the nationalities in the Caucasus. Here is how it came out:

There is a significant difference between Aserbadijan and Armenia, and Georgia. In Georgia 31% of the respondents do mind having homosexuals as neighbours. In Aserbadijan and Armenia only 6% and 7% did mind. But if you ask the Georgians if they can be friends with a homosexual, only 10% mind. So it seems that homosexuals are ok as long as they don't move in next door.
CRRC Data Initiative Development Team, CRRC Data Initiative Survey 2004-2006: Tbilisi, Georgia, Caucasus Research Resource Centers (2006).


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