Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Case 4675 Attempted assasination of Khrushchov

On 13 December 1960 Chairman of Georgian Security Committee Alex Inaur signed a remarkable document requesting immediate arrest of an illegal group operating in Tbilisi. The order clearly stated the date and the name of the person against whom the act of terrorism was planned. It was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchov. Why the terrorists were plotting to assassinate Nikita Khrushchov? What were the roots of their hatred? The documentary displays this secret conspiracy. Previously secreted unique video, photo material and unpublished documents provided by Security Committee are used in the film ( Rustavi 2)
Astonishing documentary series by Chageishvili
Toma Chageishvili began working on the documentary program "Georgia - Modern History" in January 2001 in Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company. 24 documentaries have been shot since then. Director of the documentaries - Demna Japaridze, journalist - Zaza Jgharkava.
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This series of documentaries are mildly put "a must see" for everybody with the faintest interest in Soviet - Georgian history. Never before seen (at least not by many in the west) old movie clips of Stalin, Khrushchov and other notabilities from the cold war. Together this series tells the story about Georgia during the 70 years incorporated in the Soviet Union. Unfortunately the clips are only in Georgian, so you need an interpreter. But the stories are well told through pictures, so have a go at it!
Dear Rustavi 2
This documentaries are of such high quality, and have so much to offer also for westerners not speaking Georgian: Can you PLEASE add english subtitles? Please...Please?


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