Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sjevardnadze questions Putins power

These last weeks the Norwegian Broadcasting have made several long reportages about the situation in Georgia. The NRK correspondent Snorre Tønset covers most of Caucasus and Russia, and is an excellent and professional reporter. The main subject have been the Russian embargo and the possibilities and problems in the Georgia and NATO / EU question. The situation in the breakout republics has also been targeted.

Putin might have been weakened
Tonight former president Sjevardnadze was interviewed. As a former Russian foreign minister he knows Russian politics from the inside, and went as far as questioning Putins power in Russia. “I know Putin as an intelligent and reasonable man, but of course people can change”, Sjevardadze said. The fact that Putin is resigning within 2 years could call for other forces to have more influence on the politics concerning both Russia and the former Soviet republics. Sjevardnadze implied that strong nationalist forces in Russia could have gained substantial power. He also commented on Saakashvili as president, and made a positive point of the broad cross political support the president has at the moment in the Georgian parliament.

(picture curtesy of NRK)


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