Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saakashvili on BBC News LIVE

While Putin has been busy “taking care” of the press the traditional KGB way, Michael Saakashvili spent his afternoon on BBC News LIVE answering questions from people all over the world.

“Georgia is punished for being a successful democratic nation”.
With these words Saakashvili explained the Russian embargo, and pointed to Estonia, being submitted to the same Russian embargo when they turned to the west after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The president also pointed out that "the Estonian way is the Georgian way", and made a point of the successful economic development Estonia had in spite of the Russian embargo“. Georgia is a successtory”, he said, and cited figures from international banks and analysts claiming Georgia to be the top European reformer in 2005. “The embargo has proven a success of survival in Georgia”, Saakashvili said, claiming that in spite of sanctions Georgia manage to stay alive, and shows independency from Russia. But later in the broadcast he expressed the need for normal trading relations to Russia.

Recognition of Kosovo; presedence for breakaway republics?
On the question about the recognition of Kosovo as setting a precedence for recognizing the breakaway republics, Saakashvili could not see a direct parallel. “Georgia has always been a multiethnic society. The processes in the breakaway republics have lead to monoetnic societies there”, he said, avoiding the use of the expression “ethnic cleansing”, and claimed that the breakaway republics are Georgian territories. He avoided further elaboration on the issue, as he continued to speak about the recent investments and development of the region near Abkhazia. The President also urged Europe to be “louder” in criticizing Russia.

Promoting Georgia
During answering, and between the questions Saakashvili promoted Georgia in all thinkable manners. “Georgia is friendly, Georgia has the lowest corruption in Europe, Georgians are so friendly, and our country is very beautiful”, avoiding to answer some of the more delicate questions. In this way Saakashvili ended up looking unprofessional and, like Putin calls him; “an emotional man”.

The killing of Anna Politkovskaja
Saakashvili also commented on the killing of the Russian dissident journalist Anna Politkovskaja, and said it was a big loss for Georgia and the Caucasus region. Politkovskaja was about to publish an article about Russian torture of civilians in Chechenya when she was brutally murdered in Moscow. An earlier attempt of killing her with poison had failed earlier. Also the Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre today deeply regrets the killing:”This killing is yet another expression of how vulnerable the free press is in its’ work in Russia”. Russia will notice that the whole world will react, Støre says to NTB.
Anna Politkovskaja is the 14 th journalist being killed/executed in Russia since Putin became President in 2000.


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