Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Russian concern about human rights??

"Concerned" Russians
- A statement from the Russian Duma which concerns South Ossetia, says that the November 12 independence referendum in the region has manifested “evident aspiration” of its population towards independence and it “should be fully taken into consideration by the international community in order to ensure human rights, peace and stability.”

- “The State Duma believes that the Russian Federation should build its policy based on the expression of free will by the people of South Ossetia, which was expressed during the recent referendum held in full compliance to the international legal norms and procedures, as well as based on the laws of the Russian Federation,” statement reads.
The Russians giving advice to the international community regarding human rights, free will, peace and stability? Excuse me! Did the Russian Duma sleep the last six years? I think further comments are unnecessary. Someone must stop serving those people vodka.

Source: Civil Georgia


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