Sunday, April 29, 2007


Georgia Today 27.04.2007 Margaret Shakarashvili,
In Tbilisi, near the Sport Palace and the Skating Rink a new McDonald’s will soon welcome its consumers offering counter service as well as special McDrive-through services.

“Generally, Mcdonald’s is the symbol of progress around the world”, Giorgi Arveladze, Georgian Minister of Economic Development said on April 24, at the presentation of the spot where the new McDonald’s will be erected. “McDonald’s is always associated with the pleasant moments and emotions for kids and citizens. It also linked with the beauty and vitality of our cities,” Giorgi Arveladze pointed out.

I really feel that Arveladze has grasped the essence of McDonalds with his statements. But let me add: McDonalds is also known for it’s contribution to good taste and nutrition all around the world. They have a solid reputation of paying their workers very high wages, never using cheap parttime workers, and beyond all: Their social responsibility is above all other transnationalcompanies, bringing joy, happiness and tastful food to the starving masses around the world. And thank you Ronald Mcdonald for your great aesthetic contribution to Rustavelis view in the city centre of Tbilisi.

Lets hope the Georgians now will abandon their homemade, unsophisticated food, and replace it with the great McDonalds products. Finally I wish mr. Arveladze a short convalescence, and welcome back when wisdom chooses to enlightens his mind once again.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Goodbye, Boris

We will remember you as the man who brought democracy into Russia, amused us on TV, and a man larger than life, contrary to (you know who..the little evil one who didnt call you the day he became president). I think I choose the picture of you on the tank to store in my memory, together with the sequence on TV when you and Clinton laughed your a**** off.
So, thanks for the ride, Boris!