Monday, April 21, 2008

Peacekeeper Russia Shoots down Georgian Drone

Oviously there are no limits for how the Russians allow themselves to conduct their peacekeeping mission in Abkhazia. Last summer a Russian MIG launched an air to ground missile 60 km close to Tbilisi. Today a MIG shot down a Georgian drone in Abkhazia. But only Russians manage to be caught on video doing it and still denying. For UN it is a disaster, baring in mind that they have given the Russians a Peacekeeping mission in a territory Russia actively try to annex from Georgia.

Look at the videoshotage at the
BBC World Website.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Interview with me about Georgia in Norways National Broadcasting

It is not everyday you get invited to speak on national broadcasting for 10 minutes. Today I got the opprotunity. The Norwegian Broadcasting invited me as a guest in their travelprogram "Ryk & Reis" to talk about Georgia and the Caucasus. The background for this interview was my Website ( My website got a great promo during the interview, and the half an hour of reportage from Georgia must be classified as excellent marketing. There is two additional programs in the series, and one more to come. Especially pleasing was the fact that the journalist had used my website extensively in his research in front of the programs.

If you are a Norwegian you can listen to the 4 programs from NRK P1 as MP3 files on my Website