Friday, July 11, 2008

War with Russia?

Russia has declared that their forces in Abkhazia is on full alert, ready to attack Georgia. Lavrov, Putins & Lilliputins porchmonkey is spreading the word around. Admitting violations of Georgian airspace with a SU fighter ysterday, russia has clearly stated that they couldnt care less about the international opinion. and why should they? Nothing is really going to happen if Russia occupies Georgian territory. Condi visited Tbilisi yesterday too, and reiterating her stand on the issue.
I am in Georgia at the moment, and have been following both russian and Georgian news closely. There is, as usual, nothing about the escalation of the conflict in western media. The situation is explosive.
Now taken in conderation the deals Lillyputin and Gazprom have been closing with Khazakstand and Azerbadijan about a monopoly in distribution of oil and gas in Eastern-Europe and Asia, I would go as far as saying they got Europe by the balls. Now it's time to se the nervous whiteshirts on the stockmarkets around Europe and America sending the oil and gasprices to Putin heaven, and the European leaders moderate their rethoric towards Russia and not committing to solve the problems for Georgia. I think it's a bit too late for action. What do you say, Angela? What will happen if Lilliputin closes the valve on you? And what will happen with Ukrains steel industri if they apply the MAP? No more gas, at least it will be too expensive for them to compete with other vendors.
I guess Lilliputin will continue annexing Abkhazia and South Ossetia, force Ukraine to stay out of NATO, and finally build The Empire.
Smart move, Godfather...
As a PS, I saw that more than 60 journalists have been killed during the war in IRAQ. In the same time span 115 journalists have been killed in Russia.


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