Thursday, December 07, 2006

An Escalating Peace

Aleksi Aleksishvili, Georgian Minister of Finance estimates a total loss of 250 million dollars due to the Russian Embargo. That equals 2.05% of Georgias GNP.

At the same time President Putin said in an interview with the Mexican publisher Mario Vasquez Rana that [..] there is no conflict between Russia and Georgia. The Georgian government, without Russia understanding anything of it, does everything to destroy the relationship between the two counties. During the last years Georgian politics has been extremely anti-Russian”, Putin says. In his opinion the Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian Ossetian conflict heads towards armed conflict.

Fortunately we can depend on the Russian Peacekeepers
As there is no conflict between Russia and Georgia, we are witnessing an escalating peace, I guess. It is then a great comfort to us all that the Russian Duma emphasizes freedom of will, peace, human rights and stability in dealing with South Ossetia.

So: What's it going to be, Vladimir? Peace or armed peace?


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