Friday, November 16, 2007

Russia equals Albania in the seventies

While Russian politicians try to makes a mockery out of the Georgian democracy, Putin denies OSCE observers to monitor the upcoming Russian election. This has happened only once in the history of OSCE. That was in Albania in the seventies, when they still were a communist dictatorship. All member states of OSCE have committed themselves to monitoring. As an example: Representatives from the Caucasian countries participated in monitoring the Norwegian election a few years ago. Afterwards they suggested some changes to the Norwegian election system. The changes were implemented soon after. So if all the other countries can tolerate monitoring: Why can’t Russia?
A little goodie for those concerned with Russian media: Notice how Putin always appears on the screen when there is positive news, and likewise notice his absence when the bad news have to be communicated.
I seriously think the Russian people deserve something better than a modern Stalin on steroids running his private Putinocracy.


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