Saturday, August 09, 2008

Russian attack on Georgia

Yesterday I returned from 5 weeks in Georgia, and as most of you already know, the Russian war-machine has started it's destructive work in Georgia. I feel the need to remind you that they up to now has killed 500 000 in Checheny, the neighbouring country of Georgia. Now the Russians claim to protect "their citizens" in South Ossetia. That is som few thousand people which the Russian has handed out passports to. The region is infected with separatists and criminals running illegal trafick of black market goods and drugs to Georgia, and as such serves as a channel of money for a huge number of russian officials. Yes it's the local Sopranos. The clash in South Ossetia escalated due to constant provocations during the recent month, where Ossetian separatists targeted Georgian officials with Russian made radiocontroled car-bombs at several occations. Of course this is Russian citizens which must be protected. So now the Russians bombs Poti, a prestige project wich consists of new harbours and a special freezone for economic development at the Black sea, far away from Ossetia.
Georgia can expect no help from the impotent Europe, which up to now also has been content with just urging the Russians to stop the genocide in Checheny. I am utterly ashamed of being an European, allowing the Russian criminals to act like they please without doing something to prevent it.


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