Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is Hans

Meet Hans, a German artist living in Georgia. He also runs a travel agency specialising on tourists wanting to experience Georgian nature and culture! But better than me, he is able to describe his relations to life. The word is Hans':

In fact, writing a tiny blog on a tiny province in the Caucasus like Tusheti brings you in close competition with the big players in the web, lets take the New York Times Online. Both describe ( only ) sections out of the infinite reality, share views, standpoints, meanings and images. Both ask for the attention of the online communities, ask for comments, actions, involvement, clicks and money. That this can take place these days, is the biggest revolution in democracy since 1789. Have a topic, something to say, need discussion or new friends ? Write it and load it into the Internet and start a new virtual but still real life.

Half an hour ago, an unknown girl contacted me via skype, wich is linked via my website Kaukasus-reisen. Turns out, she is a Circassian, living in Berlin today, but thinks to plan a travel to her homeland in the North Caucasus, Adygea, wich she has never seen before. A new world opens to me, first hand information on this ancient Caucasian tribe. Soon to be found on my blog:

As an artist, I was forced to find faster ways to communicate with visitors. A show in a Tbilisian Gallery once in 2,3 years seemed to me too slow. My Paintings got dustier in the studio every year. On the Newimages blog that changed. In the virtual world paintings will always keep fresh. A work can be seen and discussed immideatly after publishing, in Miami, Timbuktou, Trabzon or Minsk.

But because I do not want to live without real solitudes, without real nature, real adventures, strange miracles, without hot love and deep friendship I am glad that it came to happen that I am living here: In Georgia . More images can be seen here.


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Hi Heiner - welcome!

Regards, Ralph.

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