Monday, August 11, 2008

The Russian cancer

As Russian troops now enters West Georgian cities Zugdidi and Senagi it seems clear that the plan is to annex Georgia. South Ossetia was the trap that gave the russians "legitimacy" to invade Georgia. This is of course by no means a surprice, given the fact that Putin deployed thousands of peacekeepers into Abkhazia in may-june. The Russians are indeed not interested in any ceasefire.
It is a sad day for democracy and human rights. With half my family in Georgia, I cannot find strong enough words to describe my feelings towards the murderers and psychopaths residing in Moscow. The Russian cancer has spread over the mountains.
The Georgians doesnt deserve to be annexed by the degenerates in Russia for the 3rd time. Now there is time for deploying NATO peacekeepers into Georgia. If not, Georgia will be lost as a democracy.


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