Saturday, August 16, 2008

A new Chechenya?

Russian troops are digging in and heads towards Tbilisi. They have occupied six more cities after the ceasefire agreement has been signed. Lies, lies and more lies. To me it seems that the purpose of the whole operation is to create a new Chechenya. Vladimir Putin, being the particular nasty piece of work he is, have used cluster bombs, vaacum bombs and SS21 missiles on the Georgian population: Veapons of mass destruction. That's nothing new. His total destruction of Chechenya is a good example. Interestingly he is using mercenaries and regular troops from..yes Chechenya, where the less than human Kadyrov is his puppet.


Anonymous Ole Pedersen said...

Takk for at du ikke gir opp Eistein.

Hvor er reaksjonene fra venstresidens aktivistiske fredsbevegelse ?

Dette gjør meg så vondt, hils dine kjente i Georgia.

Olympiaden i 2014 kan de glemme om de ikke raskt legger om kursen.

Klippet dette fra


FP: Are there any means with which Europe and the United States can punish Russia economically and politically now? Do you see that happening?

CK: We have very little leverage. The headline measures that you read about—throwing them out of the G-8, denying membership to the OECD, stopping WTO negotiations—won’t be very effective. Frankly, I don’t think the Russians really care about the G-8, and the WTO requires a bilateral agreement with Georgia, so that’s not likely.

There are steps we can take to push back, though. The Russians have a very proud elite. I think that over time the U.S. will curtail the number of bilateral meetings and some European countries will go along. “Ostracism” is too strong [a word]… [it’s more like] “selective avoidance.” No more military exercises. I think the strongest measure, which could and maybe should be on the table, is a sober discussion of the run-up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, which are a crown jewel in Russia’s planning.

Saturday, August 16, 2008 10:59:00 pm  
Anonymous Ole Pedersen said...

Vi har en pensjonert politiker som serverer klar tale.
Danske UFFE

Derfor er det så vigtigt, at der sendes klare signaler om overfaldet på Georgien.

Er det ikke værd at skænke en tanke, at da Sovjetunionen i 1956 overfaldt Ungarn, var Kristianiagade fuld af demonstranter foran den sovjetiske ambassade. Da Rusland overfalder Georgien i 2008 var der ikke en eneste. Derimod lunne man læse i danske aviser, at selvfede kommentatorer udtrykte deres lettelse over, at Georgien ikke var kommet med i NATO, så vi andre kunne risikere at blive involveret. Hurra for”realpolitikken”, som én af dem skrev i Berlingske lørdag (Magasinet side 2 - han skulle skamme sig, skulle han! Og avisen med…).

Saturday, August 16, 2008 11:19:00 pm  
Blogger Eistein G. said...

Hei, Ole. Fint at du engasjerer deg i dette du også. For min del har jeg holdt på i flere år, men temaet er nok ikke voldsomt interessant for mange. Kanhende øker interessen nå folk oppfatter at det også kan skje andre.

Saturday, August 16, 2008 11:33:00 pm  
Blogger Jim said...

Hello, I am new to your blog. This is my second visit. I am interested in keeping up with developments as close to first person as possible and on a daily basis.

I respect your passion and believe you. I intend to visit regularly.

May I request sourcing and more detail on your comments example; "They have occupied six more cities after the ceasefire agreement has been signed..."). What cities? Where is that information coming from?

May I ask are there other blogs that you suggest that I follow.
Thank you,

Sunday, August 17, 2008 1:55:00 am  
Blogger TSWorld said...

Good blog! I am Georgian and I pray for peace in Georgia!! Did you hear anything about Putin's childhood. I read that it is hidden by KGB and is not available otherwise truth might come out about his hatred against Georgians.
Thanks for writing the truth!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008 6:06:00 am  
Blogger Eistein G. said...

Hello, Jim: When I write my comments I always base the facts on confirmed information from BBC World, CNN, Novaya Gazeta,Human Rights Watch, Aftenposten, NRK, TV2and Georgia Online. This is the main sources that gives the most accurate information from what I have experienced. When and if I use other artiles this will be stated. My information from inside Georgia is from civil individuals.

About cities: This was a message on the BBC news right before I wrote about it, and was cities in the west of georgia close to Abkhazian border. Now there is 13 cities..or villages which is a more correct label.

I look forward to you contribution on the blog.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 10:14:00 am  
Blogger Eistein G. said...

tsword: hello, and welcome to the blog. Saakartvelo will never be russian territory!

Putins childhood: He grew up on an orphanage as far as the story goes, then made a career in KGB, served in eastern Germany, then become in charge of businessdevelopment with forreign relations in St. Petersburg. The rest is a well known tragedy. Theres a lot of stories about his childhood, but I really can't say what's true.

I look forward to your contribution to the blog. It needs the perspective of Georgians.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 10:22:00 am  
Blogger Eistein G. said...

Jim: Forgot. I will try to be more precise with my sources. You are of course right.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 10:40:00 am  

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